The Team


Stefano Pascucci

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Stefano Pascucci is a professor in Sustainability and Circular economy at the University of Exeter Business School. He has an educational background in agricultural economics, he has advanced master’s degrees in Agricultural Economics and Rural Development, in Agricultural Science and Technology (University of Naples Federico II), MSc Agricultural Economics and Agribusiness (Wageningen University) and a PhD in Valorisation and Management of Agricultural and Forest Resources (University of Naples Federico II).

Prior to his current position, Stefano was an associate professor in innovation and organisation of agribusiness at the Management Studies Group of Wageningen University (NL).

His research is centred around his background as an applied economist, with a keen interest in sustainability and its connection to organisational theories, innovation, and value chain analysis. A focal point of his research is geared towards agribusiness, food value chains, sustainability, and the circular economy. With research interests in relation to sustainability of international food supply chains. Looking to examine the role of institutions in the shaping of human decisions about resource usage and management. Another area of his work relates to the development of radical food innovations such as the introduction of insects into human diets. Stefano has also developed competencies in the analysis of cooperatives and contracts in the agro-food sector.


Steffen Boehm

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Steffen Boehm is a Professor in Organisation and Sustainability at the University of Exeter Business school. He has an educational background in Business and Organisation studies, undertaking a BA in Business Administration at Lancaster, an MA in Organisation Studies at Warwick, and completing a PhD entitled ‘The Political Event: Impossibilities of Repositioning Organisation Theory’, at Warwick. Presently he is also editor of the JBE Environment and business section of the Journal of Business ethics.

Prior to his position at the University of Exeter, he was Professor of management and Sustainability and the founding director of the Essex Sustainability Institute, at the University of Essex. Professor Boehm has also held numerous guest and visiting positions over the last two decades including, University of St Andrews (Scotland), Copenhagen Business School (Denmark), University of Innsbruck (Austria), Federal University of Rio Grande du Sul (Brazil). Uppsala University and at the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, both in Uppsala, Sweden

Professor Boehm's research interests align with the Business and governance of climate change and carbon markets, sustainability of food systems, and the adoption of circular economy approaches to food systems. Environmental activism internally and external to organisation and corporations, Circular economy and doughnut economic approaches, Political economies and ecologies of management, organisation and sustainability and Relations between business, governments, and civil society.

Professor Boehm is currently undertaking several varied research projects in relation to food and has published multiple research papers and publications in this context.


Sophie Jackson

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Sophie Jackson, research assistant and junior project manager for the Circular food platform alongside completing an Undergraduate degree in Business. Sophie is currently engaged in multiple endeavours in relation to sustainable development and has a particular interest in regenerative agriculture and sustainable agro-food.


Dr Laura Colombo

Laura Colombo is Programme Director for BSc Business and Environment, Penryn campus and Lecturer in Sustainable Futures at the University of Exeter Business School. A Political Science graduate from the University of Milan, holding an MSc in Social Economics from the University of Bologna and a PhD in Management Studies from the University of Exeter.

Prior to joining the University of Exeter, Laura worked as a project developer for the European project “Hungry for Rights. Global Learning from Local Solutions in Alternative Food Systems”, on behalf of the NGO 'Mani Tese'. Through participatory design and development of a non-formal peer education process, the project supported the creation of local multi-stakeholder platforms on Alternative Food System issues, amplifying their voices within the national and EU food agenda.

  Formerly working across Europe as a project designer, bidding on national and European funding schemes, building partnerships with NGOs, associations, cooperatives and environmentally motivated social enterprises.